On March 27th 2020, Motion-Twin published a message on its platform Twinoid about the end of Flash by the end of 2020. Their games will be gradually closed based on how the player-base dwindles.

Faced with the situation, a few players decided to start a project to save those games: the project Eternaltwin. Their goal is to keep the corresponding online communities alive and avoid losing this part of video-gaming history.

This project is lead by Demurgos and Patate404, for the technical and organizational side respectively. We also want to thank MrPapy for helping to start the project. Anyone is free to join and help.

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General informations

Eternaltwin is a non-commercial website operate by hobbyists. Its the goal to archive Motion-Twin's games. This means we want to ensure they remain available even if the official website closes. We are not related to Motion-Twin.

We reverse engineered some of the games: this is done with the sole purpose of archiving them. We oppose anyone using information we found in order to gain an unfair advantage in any game (even single-player games). We base our judgement on the expectation of the community, not on what is technically possible or not: something may be possible while still being considered cheating.

Legal notices