2022-02: This Month In Eternaltwin #5

Eternaltwin is a project with the goal to preserve Motion Twin's games and player communities.


As part of the effort to archive and import DinoRPG data, Eternaltwin can now automatically create user sessions on Twinoid and Twinoid games. This is an important step to enable full Twinoid archives.


In February, we focused on improving the eMush user interface.

Among the new features, we now have fire effects, broken items, or highlighting for selected/hovered items. Fixing the display order of the various elements in a room was challenging. but is now solved. We still need to fix some pathfinding issues.

All this progress lets us add the Deadalus rooms one by one. Maybe we could expect a full Daedalus soon? You'll see in the next edition.

We are still looking for developers (front and back). Also, the latest graphical changes work from a technical point of view, but it would be great if someone with more experience in graphics could help us.

Bonus: fire effects video.


Play to MyHordes.

radio crackle

Hello? Is this thing on? scrambled I hope you all can hear me over our wonderful scrambled wireless system. I’m Ben, and I’m filling in for Connor today, who feels strangely unenergetic despite eating a tasty steak earlier... I wonder what’s up with that? scrambled

MyHordes - Wireless technology ad

For those of you who were scared to be alone on Valentine’s Day, we’ve added a brand-new friend list system. It’s still a bit bare-bones right now, but we will be adding additional features to it as we move on.

There have been strange sightings of large groups of people with … paper shuffle… Shaman masks? It seems they plan to gather in a town on the 27th of February. Multiple professional shamans in one town… who has ever heard of such a thing? scrambled

Other than that, we’ve been busy upgrading our server technology to the latest version. I know it doesn’t sound revolutionary to y’all non-technicians out there, but an up-to-date technical foundation ensures a smooth and stable gameplay experience for everyone scrambled at least after we’ve ironed out all the hiccups that came with the upgrade.

And with that, I bid you all farewell and wish you an uneventful night! scrambled So, how do I turn this off? Can I just rip this co grrrrrrrrz


Eternalfest is working on the new game system. The end goal is to fully support items and quests. The first step will be to update the permission system and allow regular users to playtest levels.

The loader was updated. This new version has improved error reporting to help creators understand crashes. It should be released soon, along with a new game compiler version which also improves error reporting.


Neoparc is focusing on internal fixes and improvements. The most import change is the change of the database system to improve performance and reliability. We are moving from ElasticSearch to PostgreSQL. We successfully transferred part of our data this month: messages and bazar listings. Dinoz and accounts still use the old system.

Closing words

You can send your messages for March.

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