2022-03: This Month In Eternaltwin #6

Eternaltwin is a project with the goal to preserve Motion Twin's games and player communities.


Bibni updated the game list and added a list of all news articles.


Hello Dinoz masters of Neoparc!

We migrated all our data to a new database. This will solve most of our recent issues, and you should already feel improved performance.

Weekly Raids will now be a single 30 minutes party! The Flamebath skill has been slightly recalibrated and the point recounts on player profiles have been fixed.

We are now working on clans and wars.


Eternal Kingdom

During the last few months, we released the 0.3.2 Alpha for Eternal Kingdom. This version was mainly fixing several bugs and brings us the option to kill our Lord by using "/death". The full patch notes are on Discord.

The 4th Alpha is now in progress. You can find more details on what is planned on the GitLab Wiki - Alpha 4 Roadmap. We finished refactoring the Event Logs System (for the City, World & Management pages).

The next big step is to implement the WorldMap. The most anticipated part of the game 💃 See you soon 😸!

Eternal DinoRPG

EternalDinoRPG keeps moving forward! We deployad a new preproduction version. There, you can buy some dinoz, travel, use the flying shop, check the leaderboard, and see player profiles!

Following the upload of the version 0.2.0, many small bugs were reported and are already fixed. We are completing our admin page, and we should upload the new version 0.2.1 soon. It will let us give you gold, epic reward or even statuses on your dinoz, so you can discover today's world.

The biggest news for this month is the ability to display a dinoz without Flash. This is only a proof-of-concept for now, and we will improve it. It already lets us display a full Moueffe without Flash. Once it is ready and working, all the races will follow!

Regarding the import system, it is in its final stages, and we're only waiting for some Eternaltwin updates.


Play to MyHordes.

radio crackle Hello everyone, scrambled Ben here, once again coming live to your shacks via the marvellous radio-phonic wireless system. scrambled There are many things to report, so let's get right on to it! scrambled

MyHordes - Wireless technology ad

First and foremost, it seems the undead hordes have lost all traces of manners. Reportedly, they no longer scrambled wait for small towns to reach a population of 40 brave citizens before beginning their vicious nightly assault! Luckily, a Mysterious Stranger of ambiguous origin seems to be helping these poor folks out scrambled ... and here I am, having to still put on my pants myself!

Speaking of general strangeness, Connor seems to be avoiding me ever since I've used my leprechaun costume to steal his favourite Järpen table. scrambled seen him building a weird cross-shaped contraption out of chocolate behind the barn. Not sure what this is all about, but I've feel like I shouldn't leave the recording room between the 13th and 21st of April...

Alright, I think this should cover most of the latest going-ons in our beautiful zombie-infested desert. scrambled Hopefully, we will all survive the night and grrrrrrrrz

Closing words

You can send your messages for April.

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