2022-05: This Month In Eternaltwin #8

Eternaltwin is a project with the goal to preserve Motion Twin's games and player communities.


After a brief pause in April, the Eternaltwin forum is enabled again.

Eternaltwin is now an official Open Source organization on GitLab. GitLab is the code collaboration platform we use for all Eternaltwin projects. With our new status, we gain full access to every GitLab feature for free.

In June, we will work on improving the GitLab permissions. Right now, most contributors have full access to all the games. We will change it so permissions are granted on specific games instead. This will allow project leaders to better manage who works on each project.

Finally, we are in the process of configuring the new server mentioned a few months ago. This will give full control to project leaders to send new versions of their games online, without coordinating with the Eternaltwin administrators.


Play to MyHordes.

radio crackle

prolonged silence


Huff Huff... hello everyone... Ben here, once again. Sorry, I'm a bit out of breath, but Connor has me moving boxes full of paper around. He says they're for some kind of vote, or something...

MyHordes - Wireless technology ad

Speaking of paper, we've got a brand-new high-tech sorting system for personal messages. Finally, all this random junk mail is properly sorted. We even made a custom inbox for fan-mail of our radio station, and it's already overflowing with mail from all you radio crackle citizens. I just wonder why Connor has labelled it as "complaints and death threads".

Anyways, enough about that. Let's get to the news! We've heard that some people want to mess with spirits again, and gather around some weird buildings in their town. What's the matter about the souls around here? Brace yourselves! The charlatans... I mean the shamans will be back again in a special town!

radio crackle ...sterday, a report came in about people starting to wave country flags around. I've seen Chile, Austria, Japan, and even strange ones from a made-up place people are calling "France", apparently. It's weird... radio crackle

Last but not least, a public service announcement. Some brave souls are preparing to venture out into the World Beyond of Hordes to record information on all kinds of strange phenomena. How many items are hidden in the sand? What's the chance of dying from the foul-smelling water often found in ruins? When was the last time our Shaman changed their underwear? radio crackle If you want to help, please check out this post on our radio station blackboard.


We're back for some news about eMush! The progress was a bit slower lately, but don't worry, we're still there.

There is some great progress on the graphical interface. We now have 18 out of 26 rooms of the Daedelus! We did a lot of work on pathfinding and how to display the different sprites. It is also faster now.

The version 0.4.3, with a full graphical interface, is well under way. We only have to add the missing rooms (turrets, engine room, deck) and add sitting/laying animations for characters.

I hope to get back to you next month with the eMush version 0.4.3, with an alpha release to let you check what's new.


The players Booti, Moulins, and TheToto have resumed work on Kube!

Previous work

In 2020, Moulins has created a backup of the Kube world. A forum thread was created on the Kube forum. Over 2021, the backup was updated, and it now includes the personal forums from each zone.

World generator reimplementation

Booti recently started reimplementing the world generation algorithm. Luckily, the code was in the game's SWF file.

Kube also had a long-standing unsolved bug with missing flying islands ("îles volantes") and mixed biomes. It turns out that it was caused by new Flash versions breaking compatibility with older code.

The reimplementation fixes these bugs.

New game client

TheToto is creating a new game client to play without Flash. It's still early, but it's already possible to place or remove kubes, and load data. Data may be loaded from the official server, the backup mentioned earlier, or Kub3dit blueprints.

The code is available here.


Flying island ("île volante") generated by Booti's code and viewed through TheToto's game client.


Join the "Kube" channel, on the Eternaltwin Discord server, if you want to discuss Kube. 😺

Eternal DinoRPG

Hello dear DinoRPG masters.

We released the version 0.2.2. This version brings some graphical tweaks to display the whole Dinoz everywhere they should appear.

We are working on levelling. It will let you see your Dinoz (well, only if it's a Moueffe for now) evolve and journey through Dinoland.


The implementation of the 4th Alpha continues! The World selection page is finished. A city is now assigned to us when we join a world. And this city becomes a barbarian one when we die.

EternalKingdom - world selection

We now focus on implementing the main elements of the WorldMap page including the display of nodes (capital, barbarian and resource spot), the side menu displaying the available actions for the player and the World Logs.

EternalKingdom - world map

Closing words

You can send your messages for June.

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