2022-08: This Month In Eternaltwin #11

Eternaltwin is a project with the goal to preserve Motion Twin's games and player communities.


Motion-Twin sources

At the beginning of August, Skool from Motion-Twin published the sources for most Twinoid games or older. It allowed us to advance, complete, or even start some projects.


We continue the rollout of the new deployment system: it allows project leads to manage their own deployment. We started in July with Neoparc; in August we enabled it for La Brute and Kingdom. In September, we'll finish the migration and move all the remaining games.

The goal for the end of year will be to fix some long-standing issues around accounts: email verification, password retrieval, account deletion...

Application update

The Eternaltwin application lets you play all Eternaltwin and Motion-Twin games, with Flash. We recently released the brand new version 0.6 thanks to Aksamyt.

The main change is the update to various internal components. In particular, it improves performance and fixes compatibility problems with MyHordes.


Play to MyHordes.

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MyHordes - Wireless technology ad

Are you disappointed not to have access to the 102.4 MHz frequency (world forum) during the attack? radio crackle That's history now! We've updated our Novelty Amplifier so you can use this frequency during the Night Attack.

Have you dreamed of knowing when to pick the pumpkins or when to pinch your nose in front of Santa Claus? Now you can know the period of the seasonal events! radio crackle

Do you like tinkering with tools? No worries, we provide you with this amazing Swagger documentation for just the price of scrambled

It's All-Souls-Access time on MyHordes. For only today, tomorrow and all foreseeable days afterwards, you can enter any remote or small town as long as you have 100 soul points.

Some of our citizens have noticed that they have found an old Library. But they weren't really careful with the books, and they have been spread in all the world beyond. Keep your eyes open, you might find some of those new books around. You might also find some more traces of the past around when wandering into the towns, radio crackle you can thank the Architect Wa scrambled

That will be all for this time, and above all stay hydrated! radio crackle


Now that Motion-Twin published the source code for most of their game (see above), we have all we need to work on reviving Pioupiouz. We were missing the level editor and latest versions of the game. But now it's fixed.

We are almost done building a website to let you play and share levels using Flash. We also started work on an HTML5 (non-Flash) version.

Closing words

You can send your messages for September.

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