2022-09: This Month In Eternaltwin #12

Eternaltwin is a project with the goal to preserve Motion Twin's games and player communities.


All the games were moved to the new deployment system. Project leaders can now upload new versions any time they wish.


Welcome to this section dedicated to eMush, the project to save Mush.

What's new?

The last time we shared some news was in July-August 2022. We just started to work on the diseases for the Disease Update.


We continued to work on this update. We are now happy to announce that all the diseases - physical, psychological or wounds - are now working!


Another big feature was the addition of an administrator panel.


It will let us manage game settings more easily: we won't have to reset the database each time.

This brings us closer to our medium term goal: an open alpha test period. 🤞

Coming next

Now that diseases are done, we're working on how to actually get them. Most ways are already complete: random chance, food poisoning, STIs, spores...


The main missing piece are wounds caused by weapons. It will be our next area of focus for the update.

We also still have to provide tooltips about disease symptoms (it may be useful) and then we'll be done with the Disease Update!

(So a new alpha is pretty close. 👀)

Great! When? How to play?

We can't provide a date at this time. We'll keep you informed as soon as we have fixed a date.

If you can't wait, the best way to keep in touch and follow progress is to join the Eternaltwin discord. It also shows your support!

eMush is an Open Source project, our progress is also available on Gitlab.

Thank you for your attention, and see you soon aboard the Daedalus!


It's the unofficial start of the clan war on Neoparc!

Hello Dinoz master!

We have some updates for your beloved clan. You may now start to fill your totems and score points for the ongoing clan war.

Be careful, this first clan war may still need som adjustments and balancing. There may be a couple issues at the beginning. Until the next update, I wish you good luck with your diggings!

Watch out, war is not the only danger. There are rumours about spooky spirits roaming over Dinoland! Join us the Halloween event!

Oh, one last thing: you may now download your Dinoz data from the "My Account" menu.

Have fun.


Play to MyHordes.

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The hunt for bugs continues, our team of developers, accompanied by 2 guardians and a scout, travel all over the World-Beyond to provide you with the most scrambled

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In addition, I am told that the shamans have finally understood that watering the same area twice is useless! radio crackle

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Closing words

You can send your messages for October.

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