2022-12: This Month In Eternaltwin #15

Eternaltwin is a project with the goal to preserve Motion Twin's games and player communities.


Biosha implemented a tool to monitor the website status and send alerts when an issue is detected. This tool will be deployed soon.

Moulins updated the Hammerfest archive to return inventories and quest statuses.


Eternalfest lets you play to both classic and new levels of the Hammerfest platforming game.

Rarera and Maxdefolsch released a new game on December 25th: L'ancienne source. It contains hundreds of great levels, we highly recommend you try it out.

There was also a lot of work to change how games are managed internally. This should enable support for some long awaited features such as inventory pages, full translation support, or precise loader progress. The server side is mostly complete, and we are now working on the interface. This work also serves as a prototype for improved support of games at the Eternaltwin level (and replace the manual configuration).


Welcome to this section dedicated to eMush, the project to save Mush.

What's new?

On this nice month of December, eMush admins and customization freaks will rejoice. Indeed, we worked hard so different Daedalus ships with their own settings could launch side by side. And best of all, it can be all configured directly from the admin panel on the website.


Among the other improvements, we improved archives of older ships. Once a game ends, we clean most entities and only keep information related to your digital legacy.

Last month we announced the completion of English translations. Well, administrators may now pick the language when creating a Daedalus.

Coming next

We'll keep working on database migrations so we can deploy updates without resetting existing ships.

We'll also work on improvements to user profiles.

When is the open alpha?

We'll keep updating your through TMIET, but the best way to follow progress is to join the Eternaltwin discord.

eMush is an open source project, you can also follow our progress on GitLab. In particular, progress on the Spores for All! update.

Thank you for your attention, see you later aboard the Daedalus!


Play to MyHordes.

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Preparations for the 15th season are underway, we opened up a survey requesting participants for the closed beta, available into the frequency 102.4 MHz (World Forums), until the 8th of January 2023! radio crackle

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Closing words

Happy new year everyone!

You can send your messages for January.

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