eMush roadmap [EN]

  1. Hi everyone,

    I open this thread to keep you updated about the project.

    We will open this thread by an exciting announcment: eMush is releasing its first closed alpha.
    The game is still far from the current Mush, but most of the game architecture is here. Especially, we have issues representing the Daedalus in isometric view.
    The objective of this closed alpha is to stabilize the current version of eMush and fix bugs. Game text are currently only in french :(

    In detail here are the features of the alpha:
    - You can play one of 16 Mush characters
    - You can move from room to room
    - You can interact with items and equipments
    - a basic chat
    - Roomlogs
    - Mush basic actions

    What is NOT in the alpha
    - skills
    - projets
    - research
    - endcycle events
    - hunters and patrol ships
    - l'astro and exploration
    - Add actions
    - Most of interaction with other players
    - adding trads

  2. Can't wait to see new mush!
    Pity there is no English texts, I'll be waiting.
    Thank you for your great job.