Forgot my Password Function does not Work

  1. Hello,

    I recently made an EternalTwin account and joined a MyHordes game currently on day two. I was trying to sign into my EternalTwin account on a web browser instead of the desktop app. But I realized that I forgot my password, or typed it in a weird way to where I cant guess it. I went through the process of trying to recover my password, which dosen't work. Under "Forgot Password?" I was directed to enter my email, the forgot password email was sent to me, but the link included in the email just sent me back to the page where you enter your email so EternalTwin can send another forgot password email. Also, whenever I entered my email and sent my request for password, it would say "An unknown error has occurred, there is no more info on this". If anyone could help i'd really like to get to my character in MyHordes before I Die2nite!