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Eternaltwin for OAuth

Technical information

  • Authorization endpoint: /oauth/authorize
  • Token endpoint: /oauth/token
  • Client ID: Displayed when starting etwin: Id or Key at your choice (Key is recommended)
  • Client secret: As configured in your etwin.toml file.

External documents

Registering the client

The first step to use Eternaltwin as an OAuth provider is to register your game or app as a client. This step is achieved through the etwin.toml configuration file (there is no web interface yet).

You must add an OAuth client section and restart Eternaltwin.

Follow the documentation in the etwin.toml file. Here is an example:

display_name = "My Project"
app_uri = "http://localhost:8080"
callback_uri = "http://localhost:8080/oauth/callback"
secret = "dev_secret"

The key myproject is used as an internal identifier for your project.

The display_name and app_uri are not used yet, they are meant to identify your app to users.

The callback_uri value is the absolute URI to your OAuth callback endpoint: the URI where users are redirected back to your app with their authorization code.

secret defines the secret key shared between Eternaltwin and your OAuth client. It is used when exchanging the authorization code for an access token. When running your project locally, it is recommended to leave it as dev_secret. When running in production, the secret is a long random string.

Restart your local Eternaltwin server to apply the changes. When Eternaltwin starts, it prints details about the current configuration. You should see a section for your OAuth client:

myproject {
  Id: 38f33c3f-db3b-49ce-81a7-597c97ba3162
  Key: myproject@clients
  Display name: My Project
  App URI: http://localhost:8080/
  Callback URI: http://localhost:8080/oauth/callback

The OAuth protocol referes to a client_id value used to identify your client. Eternaltwin allows you to use either the Id field or the Key field as your client_id. It is recommended to use the Key value as the client_id: the Id changes every time the client is registered while the Key is stable.

Acquiring the Access token

OAuth is a standard protocol. You should check if your language has existing libraries to help you acquiring the access token.

User redirection

Add a form on your app containing a single button Sign-in with Eternaltwin and no text field (you may add some hidden fields as needed). Clicking on this button should submit the form through POST to your own server.

The server should reply to this request with a redirection to the Eternaltwin authorization endpoint: HTTP status code 302 with a Location header.

The redirection URL is built with the following parameters:

OriginEternaltwin external_uri config. http://localhost:50320 by default during devlopment, in production. Your app should get this value from the environment (config file, environment variable)
access_type parameterThe string offline
response_type parameterThe string code
client_id parameterMust match your client's Id or Key field (displayed when starting Eternaltwin)
redirect_uri parameterMust match the callback_uri field from the client registration.
scope parameterThe empty string, or base
state parameterA string holding your application state. It is recommeded to use a signed JWT



User return

Once Eternaltwin has authenticated the user, it is redirected back to your app at the URI defined as the callback_uri.

Eternaltwin will append the following search parameters:

  • In case of error:
    • error: See OAuth RFC
    • state
  • In case of success:
    • code: The one-time authorization code
    • state

Example (success):


Claiming the token

On success, your callback_uri handler receives a one-time authorization code (code). You can exchange this code for a long-term access token.

You app must perform a direct request to the Eternaltwin server (not a client redirection).

OriginEternaltwin external_uri config.
Authorization headerScheme: Basic, login: OAuth client Id or Key, password: secret field from the etwin.toml
Content-type headerapplication/json or application/x-www-form-urlencoded
code request body fieldThe value of the one-time authorization code
grant_type request body fieldThe string authorization_code

The Eternaltwin server will respond with the access token:

  access_token: "AMHILF5gGddDnfqVj9K8yIeP3VMIgaxG",
  refresh_token: "HfznfQUg1C2p87ESIp6WRq945ppG6swD",
  expires_in: 7200,
  token_type: "Bearer",

The value of the access_token field is the one you should use with API clients.

Next steps

The next step is usually to immediately use this access_token to get data about the current user from the API and authenticate it.

See using the Eternaltwin API.