2022-04: This Month In Eternaltwin #7

Eternaltwin is a project with the goal to preserve Motion Twin's games and player communities.


In recent articles, we mentioned the Eternaltwin migrated from TypeScript to Rust. During the migration, we had a system providing compatibility between both languages, so we can move piece by piece. This month we configured internal requests to go directly to the Rust code.

This mostly worked without any issues... except for the forum.

We found a serious bug in our database client, which causes crashes when visiting the forum. We are working on a fix. In the meantime, the forum is temporarily disabled.

In other news, some people are starting work on Frutiparc, Kube, and MyBrute.


Hello, brave Dinoz masters!

In order to boost the economy, fill the vaults of the Tree Bank and fight against the overpopulation of Dinotown, the Sovereigns of Dinoland declared the return of the Clan Wars!

Coming soon... Not yet. Lower those guns...

In order to prepare you as well as possible, it is now possible to register your Clan for a small price at the city hall of Dinotown (plan a book for the waiting room, the guy at the reception is a real chatterbox). Once registered, your clan will be able to accommodate your friends, your assassins and your innkeepers. It's up to you to decorate your interior, and do good, the other Clans can always come and spy on you... see how beautiful it is in your home, say so!

In short, take advantage of this peace in the kingdom, because soon the horns of war will blast everywhere, day and night! (And no, we can't file a complaint for nocturnal noise.) This may give the Raid Boss or Daily Wistiti a chance to escape your soon-to-be-satisfied bloodlust!



On April 1st, we released a new game and a large update on Eternalfest.

The new game is our traditional "April Fools" land: Eternalfestfest.

La faille éternelle ("The eternal rift") received a very large update. The dimension at the level 20 is now available, which is a labyrinth full of various mechanisms and puzzles that spans over 50 levels. Are you ready to take on the eternal god of spikes that awaits you at the end of it? And to end its tyranny (the feared hidden spikes) once and for all?

We highly recommend you give it a try and (re-)discover one of the best lands on Eternalfest.


Play to MyHordes.

radio crackle Hello everyone and thank you for using our wireless radio system! I'm Connor and today I'm sending you a message after scrambled holiday.

MyHordes - Wireless technology ad

You probably know that lately has been pretty quiet. I hope you were able to rest and enjoy the Chocolate Crosses. And scrambled

Our dear developer friends have implemented the possibility to reset your MyHordes soul only once, for those who want to continue playing on Hordes and be able to import "at the very end". You will find detailed information on the Import page. scrambled

In addition, our translators are working hard to translate the game, currently the French translation is completely finished, as for the Spanish and English translations, they are respectively at 97% and 93%. scrambled

Special Shaman cities have been created, allowing the source of disturbances to be found on the plane of the solar plexus. Know that scrambled

By the way, you can now enable the Toxin in your private cities, which was removed from the original game. Can't wait to see who will be able to scrambled

That was all for now, see you the next time ! radio crackle

radio crackle What the fuck did Ben do with the cables again...?! radio crackle

Closing words

You can send your messages for May.

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