Eternal Kingdom Alpha 4

  1. Hello! You can find below all the stuff now available on

    Alpha 0.4

    ⭐ Additions:
    - World selection is now functional
    (Multiple worlds, spawning & death rules, Slot limitation)

    - WorldMap page now center the view on your city. And the shortcut on the left is now functional

    - WorldMap now load all cities and ressource spots

    - WorldMap Sidemenu & tooltip is now functional (display hovered/selected place info, actions, close button)

    - Defense can be inspected on the tooltip/sidemenu. Only owner can see the real amount, other see an hidden amount

    - New log System (easier to extend, it now support icons, links and translations, ...)
    You can find logs in City, Management and WorldMap pages

    - Added the death page and a button to trigger it if needed (temporary for the alpha)

    - Integrated Spanish translations

    - Added a credits page

    - Someone has bien added to the game!

    🤖 Fixes:
    - City logs are now fully translated

    - Fixed various logs issues (duplicated, missing ones, ...)

    - Fixed some translations

    See you in game :D
  2. Hi! Alpha 4 got more stuff :

    - General interactions (attack, harvest, move)
    - Glory & Title logic
    - Death logic
    - Various Fixes
  3. Alpha 0.4.2 > 0.4.7

    👑 Additions / Changes:
    - [Website] Added a "Report Bug" message on the footer that provide a link to the bug report topic in the forum
    - [Website] Added a feedback on the header to know if we're on the staging / local host website
    - [Website] Added a warning emoji on the "WIP / Missing feature" message

    - [Management] We now display an icon of resource spots before the city name in the kingdom tab
    - [City] Grid now use the original grid probabilities and rules
    - [Map] We now view the enemy generals on the WorldMap
    - [Help] Removed unimplemented content

    🤖 Fixes :

    - [Managament] Fixed the trade and total gold income displayed
    - [Management] We don't redirect anymore to the official kingdom on the diplomacy tab

    - [Map] Fixed a bug preventing to harvest a resource spot
    - [Map] Fixed the spawning logic (Players are no longer able to steal a city occupied by another played when spawning)
    - [Map] Fixed an issue preventing to harvest resource if we have more than 50 in storage.

    - [City] We can't exceed 100 citizens anymore
    - [City] Fixed french description of the Forge ugrade and cauldron upgrade
    - [City] Fixed the upgrade soldier logic that was not decreasing the amount of soldiers