Eternal Kingdom - Pre Alpha 0.5

  1. Happy new year ! The Pre Alpha 0.5.0 is here!

    👑 Additions / Changes :

    - [Website] Logs containing a city link allow player to open the map on this specific city ✨
    - [Website] Added the User page
    - [Website] Added custom error page (with detailled stack trace when playing on the staging version of the website)
    - [Website] Added brightness effect when hovering the navmenu
    - [Website] New Login and Logout icons made by @Yam

    - [Map] Clicking on the name of node or general owner now redirect to its User page
    - [Map] Map can now focus on a specific node by using the appropriate nodeID /map/worldID/nodeID

    - [Server] We made an administration panel for our moderators allowing them to create a world when needed.
    - [Server] We are now able to patch some game data for balancing / new features additions without deleting everything 😄
    - [Server] We migrated the project to the Symfony 5

    🤖 Fixes :
    - [City] Fixed the upgrade logic

    See you soon in game and we'll update you soon about the next incoming Alpha 5 features! 🫶
  2. ```Pre-Alpha 0.5.1```
    👑 Additions / Changes

    - [Map] Unit transfer is now implemented (in its original version)
    - [Logs] New logs available in all languages
    - conquest without resistance (displayed in the World & in the Management pages)
    - new title obtained (displayed in the World & in the Management pages).

    - [Logs] Logs date is now using the "Paris" time zone.

    🤖 Fixes :
    - [City] Upgrading a building is now properly implemented (title is now required and it's not possible anymore to cheat)
    - [City] Improved the hammer tooltip to better understand how we can finish a construction
    - [Translations] Capitalized titles in Spanish and English
    - [Translations] Fixed the upgrade description of the Guard Tower in french
  3. Hi !

    👑Additions / Changes
    - Aging system is now properly implemented (we got one log when our health state changed)
    - Conquest a territory is not limited anymore